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DJ Khalil is THE TRUTH. This  low-key  brother ( one half of the duo Self Scientific with the underrated MC Chace Infinite) from the west coast is behind a lot of bangers. He recently produced  « Kinda Like A Big Deal » by THE CLIPSE, « Still Kill » by Fifty and Akon,  « Love Me No More » of Jim Jones, « Imma Do It » by Fabolous, Nas « Esco Let’s Go »...) and is part of  the production team put in place by Dre to work on « Detox ». When I’ve met him last month in Los Angeles we had to talk about the long awaited masterpiece…

So when the album is dropping ?

« Detox is coming » !  It’s really when Dre is ready to put it out.  Dre is an artist first and foremost. He really pride himself on being on the cutting edge.  We all consider him a legend. I just think that we should let him figure it out. Everybody’s kinda putting pressure on him. To me there’s really no pressure.  He wants to remain in his spot where he is at and he wants to get it right.

Is Dre still relevant ?

Today everything’s very uptempo like back in the days when I was on tour in Europe with Muggs. That’s gonna end at some point like the disco era. The real shit ‘s gonna really come back.  Maybe I’m too close, but we need this record to be great. If he’s not satisfied then we’re not gonna be satisfied. It’s gonna be great. The music that I heard is incredible.

There is a rumor that  Dre  don’t want to release it because he’s scared of the sales…

I have no idea. I don’t talk with Dre about record sales. We talk about creative things.  Of course he wants to sell records but he’s a creative person first.  The first week sales isn’t what he needs to worry about : he’s gonna do incredible ! It’s how long this record ‘ll last.  Dre could drop « 2001 » right now and it’ll murder everything. It’s still relevant, peoples ares still playing singles of that record. When you have that kind of longevity you just can’t throw something out. He knows. He really does. We just have to be patient. I have faith in it. What other records are we waiting on that magnitude ? Maybe Outkast ? I think the world is ready to hear Dr Dre again.

Check his alternative band The New Royales and follow him on his twitter account.

Thanx Tone !

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