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A few month ago Jay Electronica released « The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace » featuring 50 Cent’s new best friend :  Sean Puffy Combs. We had the chance to talk with the beatmaker of this track : Quincey from UK !

How did u manage to give your music  to Jay Electronica ?

That was through my manager who’s connected to a whole bunch of people in the UK and the States. He actually works with a French producer (Boulawan) as well in the UK and US and they can help French producers out in the States (hit up MAKEITHAPPEN@BOULAWAN.COM).  Anyway, my manager had sent Jay a New Orleans track a few weeks prior.  When he saw Jay on iChat he hit him up like « yo, you checked that ‘New Orleans’ joint yet? » then my manager sent him a few more beats… The joint he used I’d never really sent anyone before, I just thought it’d be perfect for Jay and Mos Def… then the beat must have been sitting on Jay’s desktop and not in a « Quincey Tones » folder so Jay Tweeted who it was haha so my manager hit him up… then Jay started writing to it and when Diddy heard the beat he spazzed and wanted to be a part of it and the rest is history

Read the rest of this interview in the RAPMAG issue of september !

big up Boulawan !

C’était juste un puzzle de mots et de pensées.


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