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[VIDEO] REAL Ni**as In Paris

 Using the « Ni**as in Paris » soundtrack, the video features a sequence of known and unknown black people, in their own universe. The goal is to show that this diversity is a driving force in creating the unique charm & atmosphere that the city of lights exudes.

Aya Cissoka a Female Boxer, Omar Sy the first French Black actor to get a Cesar (= French Oscar), a taxi driver, Elie Ngmakeu a well-Known dentist, a tatoo artist,…All of these Black Peoples represent the REL N**gas FROM PARIS.  Authentic and original/innovative, this video is a fresh take on a song that has quickly become a classic and serves as a great notice to Jay-Z and Kanye’s upcoming visit to Paris.With this video, the + l’infini’s team hopes to transcend the cultural and social differences of our worlds and cement a link between the American and French Black communities.

Ibrahim Koudié : Director
Paméla Koudié-Diop : Producer
Thomas Verne AKA « Final Cut Killer » : Editor

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