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Nas is one of the greatest. No question about it. But sometimes some crazy things  slip from his tongue. (Pause. ) Here are five of God’son’s not so God-friendly lyrics. Enjoy it. Or not.

 5. « They askin’ how he disappear and reappear back on top.sayin’, “Nas must have naked pictures of God or somethin’  »  –  « Loco-Motive » feat Large Pro

Did he just implied that he is in position to blackmail God ?

4. « I carry the cross, if Virgin Mary had an abortion  »  – « The Cross » 

I hope that Pope Benedict XVI don’t send somme Vatican goons to clean up the honor of Virgin Mary.

3. Before stepping to me you’d rather step to Jehovah –  « Live From The BBQ »

Before his beef with Jay-Hova Nas  had issues with the real Jehovah.

2. When I was twelve, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus Live From The BBQ

Nasir Jones was 17. Why whould you say things like that at 17 ?

1.  Well that’s not a lyric, but you get it. Nas on this video took this « God’son persona to the next level.   

« Cause you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice. It just means you don’t understand all the bullshit that he write » – Jay Z 

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