Yesterday Kendrick Lamar released his highly anticipated track featuring Dr Dre off his debut album, Good Kid, m.A.A.d City. Here are at least 5 songs better than this already good one delivered by K.Dot.

Compton is the home of a lot of talents and few exceptions like Guerilla Black  .  Here are my 5 Songs as good as Kendrick’s one about the infamous city of Compton.

DJ Quik  Jus Lyke Compton

In Quik huge catalog I could’ve choosed the more obvious  Born And Raised In Compton. But what I like more about this song is the story telling and how Quik already noticed  that the whole US (and later the world)  ‘ll be heavily influenced by the city of Compton.

Game ft Will.I.Am : Compton

In 2006 Game was alone. No more G-Unit behind him [II] no more beats by Dre. Even if he was never shy about it  this time Game had to make a  strong statement : he belongs to this city.  Who else than Will.I.Am on the boards (and on the chorus) to make it clear ?  All jokes aside this joint goes EXTRA hard + I love the early 90’s feel.

EAZY-E : Real Compton City G’s 

I know :  The song was originally called   « Real Muthaphuckkin G’s » .  But you get the point. In this diss song Eazy-E is basically claiming that Dre isn’t really from Compton.  Meh. Real question : where are Dresta and B.G Knocc Out ?  RIP Eazy-E.


It’s all in the name. CMW was one of the pioneers of West-Coast hip-hop. The group,  released this track on their It’s a Compton Thing album in 1990 !  22 years later one member of this group MC EIHT is featured on Kendrick Lamar first project. Cheah.

N.WA : Straight Outta Compton

The music, the video, the lyrics, the sociological and political aspect …this song  released in 1988 for me was a REVOLUTION.  Ice Cube was 19 when he wrote those lyrics and Dr Dre was already there…This is CLASSIC Hip-Hop.


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