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50 Cent has a new (good) record out so guess what ? It’s beef time !  This time he’s on « war » with Jay-Z… Sorry Fif but « we don’t believe u need more people » (c) Jay-Z.  I don »t even think he believes it either. I guess it’s only entertainment.

A few month ago I had the chance to meet (for at least the sixth time)  Fifty in New York.  At this time Jay had already dropped the infamous « Nobody’s scared of 50 Cent » line.  Here it’s what  a very calm and friendly Fifty  had to say about Jay-Z.

Certain people criticize Jay, saying that he no longer talks about the streets. How do you feel about that?

Jay-Z is 40-years-old. If that’s not a point where u can find some maturity, to separate the things u did when u was younger versus the things you’re doin’ now then…Some of his choices are a little weird to me–not this album, but the other one he wrote about water and Africa–I was like wtf! I know this is a world issue and I’ve been to Africa several times but still I didn’t choose to write about Africa. I still write about my experience in Southside Jamaïca [Queens] because I’m aware what the public expectations of me are as an artist. So do u have a responsibility  in order to continue to generate interest to fit the mold.

That’s what he did with « American Gangster »…

He had to use this movie as an excuse to write street content.

Did you like « Blueprint 3 » ?

I heard some of it like « Venus vs Mars. » It reminds me so much of my « Get It In » that I enjoy it! I just did « I Get It In » and he did « shawty she get it in » and I’m like « Ok »…

Read the rest of the intw on RAP MAG # 57  (only in french sorry )

Thank you Starrene !!

2 réponses sur « 50 CENT VS JAY-Z »

50 Cent est stupide et artistiquement de plus en plus faible ! Toujours le même flow, la même vibe, le même style de refrain, etc…
Même coup marketing à chaque srtie d’album…il n’est pas fatigué, il fait vraiment de la peine ce gros crétin…


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