Oakland’s own, Sway Calloway is synonymous with Hip Hop. F that. Sway Calloway is Hip Hop.  His resume is impeccable: MC (check this video from 1990!), radio personnality, MTV News reporter and producer : he did it all. During his journey Sway has forever carried the torch of  Hip-Hop  inspiring a generation of writers  (like me)  to come correct when representing OUR culture. No editing, just real talk.

I’ve met him in Rotterdam, Holland  this late April during NewSkoolRules’s Hip-Hop conference . I had the great honor to talk with this intelligent  (and humble) brother about his work and his point of view on Hip-Hop.  Class In session.

In this first part we talked about his input on the Saïgon project,  I respectfully let him know how I felt about him inviting Amber Rose on the RapFix couch and @ 3:10 he gave me his clever and well thought  answer, @9:00 we talk about Jay-Z and rock fans vs rap fans.

In this second part we talked about Hip-Hop medias as Worldstar, Allhiphop.com, Nahright.com,balance in Hip-Hop, @7:15 the message in rap shifting from the struggle to the flossing,  the responsability of the fans, how Kanye’s « Jesus Walk’ was a christian rap and many more subjects.

Please support him on his blog , follow him on Twitter . Please MTV let us (french viewers)  watch RAPFIX


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