What Nigerian artist D’Banj, grime’s finest Skepta, the singer Estelle and the mythical figure Oliver Twist have in common? An infectious beat cooked by Nigerian producer Don Jazzy ! 

D’Banj is a well  respected and very successful  Nigerian singer-songwriter. D’Bandj has won several music awards including the award in 2007 for the best African Act at the MTV Europe Music  Awards and last year BET Awards for Best International Act. His producer Don Jazzy and him are the rulers of the new Nigeria musical scene ! No wonder Snoop worked with them and Kanye West signed them to his label  G.O.O.D Music.

This august he launched a viral competition :  people had  to record videos of them dancing on his new single « Oliver Twist ». Smart move : thousands of videos have been uploaded since then. check this one . Yes she has ONE leg !

Meanwhile Skepta, a grime UK  artist (but originally from Nigeria) gave his twist to the song (I first heard it on BBC’s MistaJam show)  :

Yesterday the songstress Estelle decided to give her own  version :

If that song can’t make you dance it means that you don »t have legs. Oh wait…



 D’Banj has conquered yet another sphere of entertainment, and this time it’s television. This saturday his song was played on « Eastenders » ! In case you wonder what’s that, it is the most popular soap opera in the United Kingdom.

And oh yeas D’Banj appeared at Cannes film festival (after starring in Kanye’s film), and made a cameo appearance in Kanye’s new ‘Mercy’ video.

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